Friday, September 19, 2008

Janice and Huggy Can´t say "enough" !

Janice Dickinson should have stayed away from the plastic surgeon ...

While she was a (so famously) a supermodel, she totally looked the part. She was drop dead gorgeous.

Now all her trademarks are stretched out and blown up. Nothing natural left whatsoeva´.

I´ll let the Pictures speak for em selves...

Since I´m in the -Dissing Top Model Judges" I can´t NOT mention our one and only Icelandic photographer/judge/x-model Huggy Ragnarsson.

She clearly didn´t know how to say "No"!

Trout Lips anyone?

Seriously, she looks like a freakin´Clown. SOOOO sad, cause she used to look adorable.


Kristjana Ósk said...

i wonder how old she isd

Helga Kay said...

around 50 i´d say!er á síðunni hennar...nenni ekki að fletta því upp samt.